I'm new or visiting!

We appreciate that coming to a church service can be daunting, and it may be unclear what to expect. At St James we are committed to making worship accessible to all, and easy to understand and to follow. If you are new, we hope to ensure you (and any with you) are made comfortable.

Anyone - whether Christian or not - is most welcome to come to our church services and functions. Services are the most important thing we do as Christians - meeting together to worship God - and they're happy and friendly gatherings. 

After the service, please join us afterwards for morning tea in the Parish Centre building!



No!  Anyone – whether Christian or not – is most welcome to come to our church services.

Does it cost anything to attend church?

There are no charges!  Church is free

A collection is taken during regular worship, but giving anything is entirely voluntary. There is never any obligation to give towards the collection. 


The dress code is casual.  Although you will see people in many different styles of dress, you will find many dressed casually – you do not need to be in your best clothes.


Bring them! We love having children in our worship services at St James! Don't worry if your child makes some noise – we're sure God doesn't mind some noise in church. Plus, we think it important that the kids learn about God by the example their parents give them in worship.  

What is Holy Communion?

Our weekly worship at St James' Church includes Holy Communion – a sharing together of bread and wine, in which we are invited to be part of God’s life in Christ. 

We have an open table for Communion that all Christians can join, if your conscience or church allows you to share Communion with us.

What if I don't wish to take Holy Communion?

If you prefer not to take the bread and wine, please feel comfortable staying in your seat for Communion. Or, you can join the queue for Communion and ask for a blessing. Holding your hands behind your back will tell the priest that you wish to receive a blessing.

What are the Church Services like and what can I expect?

Worship is typically about 60-70 minutes. We worship God by praying, singing songs/hymns, declaring our Christian beliefs, greeting each other, listening to Bible readings and hearing a message about them, and sharing Communion. 

As an Anglican church, we worship according to a pattern inherited from the early church that is now set out in A Prayer Book for Australia (it's a green book you'll be given, and we usually start from page 119). 

Everyone is encouraged to participate, and it is easy to follow. When words are marked in bold, we are invited to say them together. The green book also give cues for times to stand and times to sit. If in doubt, follow everyone else!

At the 7.30am service, we sing our hymns from the Australian Anglican hymnbook, Together in Song (it's a red book) and accompanied by our magnificent pipe-organ. Hymn numbers can be found marked on the wooden board to the left of the gothic wooden screen and on the weekly pew sheet.

At the 10am service, we sing our hymns from Mission Praise (it's a white book) and accompanied by electronic organ or piano. Hymn numbers are marked on the board to the right of the gothic wooden screen and on the weekly pew sheet.

We also have ‘the greeting of peace’. Feel free to greet and shake hands with those around you – the usual greeting we exchange with each other is 'Peace be with you!'


People will introduce themselves to you. There are refreshments after the Sunday services, and you are most welcome to stay. Don't worry about being left alone – we will make sure you meet others and are made to feel at home.