We believe that marriage is the symbol of God's enduring love for his people, and of Christ's love for his church. The Anglican wedding service is beautifully worded, and a wedding at St James' will be one that will shows deep respect for God and for the couple being married.


Planning is always needed for weddings, and it's needed many months ahead of the ceremony.  There will be meetings with the celebrant, marriage preparation classes, and discussions about the service and how it can be adapted to your needs. 

Please contact Father Mark Carlyon if you want to start planning a wedding. 
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About our church

St James' Church is a beautiful place for a wedding. The church is quietly ornate, spacious and peaceful. There is plenty of room and comfortable padded seating for guests. 

Friends with babies and young children can watch the wedding while still caring for their kids in the children's nook at the back, if they wish. There are facilities for food and drink after the service, with catering also available by negotiation.

We are close to many of Toowoomba's best parks and gardens, and our church grounds also look great in your photos. 

Please  contact us  if you wish to have a look.

Please contact us if you wish to have a look.

Our clergy will usually conduct weddings either at St James, Toowoomba or St Anne's, Highfields. 

It may also be possible to arrange for other Anglican clergy to celebrate if you wish. 

Or, with permission, wedding services may be conducted at St James' by a minister of another Christian church.


It may be that you wish to get married outside a church, but to have our clergy officiate.  Ask our clergy if this is possible.